Kidney Special

My interest has long been in that point of interaction between the Native and non-Native world.  How do we fit in?  Or more specifically and more importantly to our lives, how does the non-native world fit into our experience?  In Kidney Special, I have used props from the modern world to show this two-worldliness that generations of native people have lived in. 


Kidney Special is a scene from any pow-wow or social dance in the modern day.  Dancers, dressed in 21st Century “traditional” clothing look to buy a snow-cone while a man in blue jeans and sunglasses waits patiently to buy a meal of roasted kidneys, a delicacy among Southern Plains peoples.


Teri Greeves



Dimensions: framed: h: 17”, l: 17”, d: 1”

Medium:  Czechoslovakian cut glass beads, bugle beads, stamped sterling silver, brain-tanned deer hide


2012- Second Place, Painting Classification, SWAIA Indian Market, Santa Fe, NM



Price available upon request